Technical Information

SCHIEx Interoperability Services Guide Draft v1.5.5 (PDF)
This Guide provides detailed technical information and tools for the steps involved in connecting to SCHIEx EXCHANGE as well as suggested Onboarding Considerations (PDF) to assist organizations in planning for the on-boarding process.

SCHIEx EXCHANGE Interoperability Questionnaire (DOC)
This document serves as a questionnaire to assess the capabilities an organization’s system has in order to be able to connect to SCHIEx EXCHANGE. Please note that this discusses the minimal and high-level requirements for SCHIEx connectivity. For detailed requirements, participants must review the SCHIEx Interoperability Services Guide.

SCHIEx Technical FAQ
This document summarizes responses to frequently asked questions regarding connecting to SCHIEx EXCHANGE.

Connecting to SCHIEx EXCHANGE
Participant organizations must complete the following onboarding process in collaboration with their vendor/information technology partner or staff:

  • Register with SCHIEx and submit the signed SCHIEx legal agreements and associated documents and other enrollment information.
  • Participate in weekly SCHIEx Technical Office Calls and ask your EHR vendor/technology partner to complete the SCHIEx Interoperability Questionnaire
  • Participate in a technical call to review completed SCHIEx Interoperability Questionnaire to confirm technical readiness and discuss any issues and validation testing process
  • With SCHIEx and your vendor, determine plans for the Cross Enterprise Document Sharing Repository, method to block information deemed sensitive from the medical summary that will be registered with SCHIEx and the technical options for opt out.
  • Complete technical verification and validation using the SCHIEx Interoperability Services Testing Guide. Let SCHIEx know if you are interested in Immunization Registry reporting, as this test will need to be included.
  • Review policy manual and integrate into implementation planning and workflow.
    Site administrator will be provided Production Technical Package.
  • Verify SCHIEx training and policy-related requirements are in place and Go Live!