How to Participate

First, contact us. SCHIEx staff will walk you through the entire process of becoming a part of the exchange.

The onboarding process begins the same for all SCHIEx Services. You will need to:

  • provide SCHIEx with basic information about your organization
  • review and execute the SCHIEx Participation and Business Associate Agreements (standard across all Participants)
  • provide documentation for identity verification purposes
  • let us know the individuals in your organization who will serve as site administrator, privacy officer, and contact to receive SCHIEx Policy Manual updates.

The legal agreements and the SCHIEx Policy Manual together define the responsibilities of SCHIEx and each Participant in the exchange. Many of these policies simply mirror HIPPA and HITECH; however, there are a few that are specific to SCHIEx. You will need to take steps necessary to implement and integrate them into your local policies and workflow.

From this point the process is different, depending on the service in which you are enrolling. SCHIEx staff will work closely with you to explain each step.

  • SCHIEx EXCHANGE involves working with SCHIEx and your technology partner or EHR vendor to configure connectivity and complete technical validation testing. Together we will discuss plans for your Cross Enterprise Document Sharing Repository, the method your system offers to block information you may deem as specially protected from documents that you make available to other Participants, and the method for executing a patient opt-out decision. These components are integrated into the testing process. When the technical validation is successfully completed, a production certificate is issued to your organization.
  • SCHIEx DIRECT involves first deciding which type of user interface you plan to use (EHR, SCHIEx DIRECT Portal, or Client Email). SCHIEx will communicate with your site administrator about these options and the types of DIRECT accounts that will work best with your workflow. SCHIEx provides training to the site administrator regarding use of the SCHIEx DIRECT Portal and audit log, and establishes the DIRECT accounts as authorized by your site administrator.
  • SCHIEx Clinical Viewer involves SCHIEx working with your site administrator to provide training in the use of the Clinical Viewer, access management, audit log, and the opt-out tool.

SCHIEx Legal Agreements

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