Connecting to protect your health.

Shouldn’t your health care provider have a complete picture of your health and medical history before treating you?


SCHIEx gives participating health care providers secure access to your medical records online. It connects doctors, labs and hospitals across the state with information about you that enables them to make well-informed decisions about your care.

What does this mean for you? It means healthcare professionals will have access to the information they need to coordinate your care and reduce mistakes, especially in emergencies. You may be able to avoid duplicate tests performed in different doctors’ offices and fill out less paperwork at each visit.

Your doctors may already share information about your health records through fax, email and postal mail. SCHIEx makes it faster, easier and more secure for your providers to share information. It enhances the collaborative, coordinated efforts between the medical professionals treating you and provides a higher standard of care.

Your Benefits with SCHIEx:

  • Your medical records are safe and secure.
  • Your health care professionals can collaborate and communicate on your care.
  • Your personal health data is available statewide if you need treatment away from home.
  • Your records stay current and accessible.
  • Data transfer among health care professionals is instant.

Is My Doctor On SCHIEx?

Ask your doctors whether they participate in SCHIEx. You can also view our list of participating providers. If your health care providers don’t participate, urge them to check out SCHIEx, and see the advantages to doing so.

About HIPAA and your privacy

SCHIEx uses a secure, statewide computer network. The information exchanged is used only by authorized personnel and protected by state and federal laws. Participation in SCHIEx Exchange is voluntary. Your physician will give you the option to opt out of the exchange if you wish.