The South Carolina Health Information Exchange (SCHIEx) is a statewide technology and policy framework that enables the secure and confidential exchange of electronic patient information according to nationally recognized standards. Participating providers electronically share key clinical information such as medical histories, medications, allergies, diagnoses and procedures with each other regarding patients they serve. The health information exchange is an important tool in improving the quality and efficacy of care that a patient receives, reducing duplicative services, enhancing public health and disease detection and monitoring, and improving a patient’s health care experience. SCHIEx Participant organizations agree to abide by all policies and procedures that govern the operation of SCHIEx and the privacy and security of health information. Information is shared only within this closed network of trust.

SCHIEx Exchange

SCHIEx EXCHANGE is a robust, fully automated and bi-directional electronic health information exchange. Participants using Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and SCHIEx EXCHANGE technology services “connect” and seamlessly discover and exchange medical summaries regarding shared patients. Information may be shared for treatment and public health and quality reporting purposes. Participants inform patients about SCHIEx EXCHANGE participation by providing written notice. Patients may opt out of having information shared via EXCHANGE.

SC DHEC Immunization Registry: This level of service also may include bi-directional exchange with the SC DHEC Immunization Registry and mandated immunization reporting.

eHealth EXCHANGE: This level of service includes a gateway and participation in eHealthExchange (formerly the nationwide health information network).

SCHIEx Direct

SCHIEx DIRECT is a simple and secure, “point-to-point” clinical messaging service that facilitates communications and information sharing for the delivery and coordination of health care services. Information may be shared for any purpose related to health care including treatment, payment, and operations. “Point-to-point” means the message is created and sent by one user directly to another known user. This service may be used alone or in conjunction with SCHIEx EXCHANGE or the SCHIEx Clinical Viewer.

Basic DIRECT messaging does not require an Electronic Health Record (EHR). Organizations using an EHR with functionalities to transfer message and document metadata electronically may be interested in Cross-enterprise Document Reliable Interchange (XDR) connection with implementation of DIRECT.

SCHIEx Clinical Viewer

SCHIEx Clinical Viewer is a secure Web-based application that enables Participants that are not connected to the robust EXCHANGE to access needed medical summaries, available via SCHIEx Exchange, for permitted purposes. An EHR is not required for the Clinical Viewer. Participants inform patients about their participation by providing written notice. Patients may opt out of having information shared via EXCHANGE and the Clinical Viewer.

ADT Alerting

SCHIEx ADT (Alert/Discharge/Transfer) Alerts are secure notifications that trigger alerts to primary care providers, care managers, or other designated individuals or entities, providing essential information to enable providers to make better care decisions and improve coordinated treatment for their patients. Providers throughout the state can use SCHIEx to track their patients across care settings and communicate with other partners caring for their patient.