SCHIEx Direct

SCHIEx DIRECT is a simple and secure, “point-to-point” clinical messaging service. It allows Participants to electronically send and receive encrypted messages and information needed for delivery and coordination of health care services.

“Point-to-point” means the message is created and sent by one Participant directly to another known Participant. Each Participant will be assigned a unique address that directs the message. Information currently sent by mail or fax can be sent via SCHIEx DIRECT.

Benefits and Responsibilities
What can you expect from SCHIEx DIRECT?

SCHIEx DIRECT User Overview (PDF)
How SCHIEx DIRECT will look and function.

Potential Use Cases
How might SCHIEx DIRECT be used?

Differences between SCHIEx DIRECT and SCHIEx EXCHANGE

How to Participate
The steps involved in getting enrolled in SCHIEx DIRECT.