ADT Pilot Project

May 5, 2017


ADT: A new way to connect for better care

A new service provided by SCHIEx helps doctors and other providers keep better track of their patients. This makes for better care, and it can also save money.

Patients have a way of not staying put. In the course of receiving care, they can move from one facility to another. This may be necessary, but it can pose a challenge to their doctors, and can lead to additional, unnecessary cost – cost that the provider may have to absorb.

Providers throughout South Carolina can use the new ADT service to track their patients and follow up on their care. 

ADT stands for Admission, Discharge, Transfer. The system triggers alerts to primary care providers, care managers, or other designated individuals, enabling providers to coordinate treatment better.

 Examples of how ADT can help:

  • ·       After initial treatment, a physician sends a patient off with a prescription for six weeks of physical therapy. ADT keeps the doctor informed as to what happens next.
  • ·       A patient undergoes arthroscopy on his knee. Several weeks later, he reinjures the knee, and goes to the hospital. The original surgeon should be notified, to avoid duplication of tests and other measures. ADT addresses that.

Finally, there’s the financial incentive for providers.

For certain conditions, Medicare won’t reimburse the provider if the patient is readmitted within 30 days. ADT can avoid the problem of duplicate care that doesn’t get reimbursed.


Check out our website,, to find out more about ADT.