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Fee Schedule

SCHIEx is a public technology utility developed using both public and private funds. It will rely on participant service subscription fees to cover the yearly cost of operation. The SCHIEx governance authority and staff are committed to keeping these costs as low as possible.

Just as the greatest HIE clinical benefits for South Carolina residents and providers will be realized through collaboration and widespread SCHIEx participation, the shared provider cost to support SCHIEx will be minimized through widespread participation. Health care providers are critical partners in helping to promote SCHIEx participation in their communities and systems.

SCHIEx Subscription Fee Schedule

SCHIEx participants will share the ongoing cost of operating SCHIEx core services through annual subscription fees as approved by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will review the fee schedule on an annual basis. Based on the annual review, the Board of Directors will make any necessary adjustments to the anticipated annual subscription fees, either upward or downward, to ensure the financial sustainability of SCHIEx and to ensure fair cost allocation among all users of SCHIEx. The annual fee schedule approved by the Board of Directors prior to implementation of the Early Adopter Program is available at the following link: