Benefits & Responsibilities


  • Faster and more efficient than sending information by mail, courier, fax or phone.
  • Secure. Unlike regular email, it is safe to send Protected Health Information via SCHIEx DIRECT.
  • Streamlines and simplifies provider-to-provider communications.
  • Supports Participant-defined use cases, message content, and formats.
  • Providers and organizations without an Electronic Health Record or interoperable systems can participate in directed exchange.
  • Can assist with exchange-related requirements for Meaningful Use in the Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs.
  • A good way to get started now exchanging information electronically.


  • Fully comply with the SCHIEx Policy Manual and all applicable laws regarding the privacy and security of Protected Health Information (PHI). The SCHIEx Policy Manual includes the policy and legal documents that outline the terms of the service and describe the duties and responsibilities of each Participant and the SCHIEx.
  • Authorize a Site Administrator to be the point of contact and to manage your SCHIEx DIRECT address accounts. The Site Administrator will authorize and assign a single person in the organization to be responsible for each SCHIEx DIRECT address account requested and provide this person with a SCHIEx issued user name and password. The account may be individual-level (John Smith, MD) or entity-level (Smith Family Practice).
  • The Participant organization must use internal policies and procedures in accordance with applicable state and federal law to designate how SCHIEx DIRECT accounts will be used and appropriately monitored, and how access will be controlled and delegated if necessary. SCHIEx DIRECT accounts must be monitored for incoming referrals and patient information.
  • SCHIEx manages security for the SCHIEx DIRECT Web portal. Participants will continue to manage security of electronic health records or client email systems if either of these is used for the user interface after the SCHIEx DIRECT message is delivered to the Participant organization.
  • Contact other provider organizations to confirm their SCHIEx DIRECTaddress before sending the first message. Let other providers and organizations serving your patient population know about SCHIEx DIRECT and where to go for more information or enroll.